Benefits Of Maruti Welding Wires

  • Special process to remove residual lubricant from wire surface to insure good feeding & arc stability.
  • Copper coating that is tightly adherent to wire eliminates troublesome copper flaking.
  • Higher tensile strength to insure that there are no tangles when restrictions occur in the feed system.
  • Excellent spray arc at lower voltages, providing precise control of the welding process.
  • Excellent surface finish reduces contact tip erosion, hence providing a sizable saving in replacement and down time.
  • special surface treatment prevents rusting for a prolonged period.

Advantage of MIG WIRE over conventional electrodes

  • High quality welds can be produced much faster.
  • Since a flux is not used, there is no chance for the entrapment of slag in the weld metal resulting in high quality welds.
  • The gas sheild protects the arc so that there is very little loss of alloying elements.Only minor weld spatter is produced.
  • MIG welding is very Versatile and can be used with a wide variety of metals and alloys.
  • The MIG process can be operated in several ways.Including semi and fully automatic.
  • Mig wire have no absordent coating and no moisture pickup. Hence low weld hydrogen.
  • No need for drying oven to recondition electrodes.